Saturday morning, April 8, 2017, four immaculately prepared Mercedes-Benz automobiles and their drivers paraded onto Davis-Monthan Air Force Base for the DM50 Picnic and 9th Annual Casual Classic Car Show.  Today’s event was the 8th straight year the Chaparral Section has supported the event.

The picnic started at 10:00 AM with several blow-up type amusements for the kids and parents.  A long lunch, consisting of freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and soft drinks, started about an hour later and lasted until 1:00 PM.

Several Tucson area businesses helped sponsor the picnic, which enables the DM50 to provide needed funding for some of the Airmen and Family activities which are not funded by the US Government.

All 125 spots were registered for the show, which was held again this year on the softball field in the Bama Park recreational area.  The participants, Michael Cooper (1980 280SL), Hal Biestak (2003 CL55 AMG), Ron Isler (1989 550 SL) and Michael Turner (2008 C300) participated in several of the events, including tours of the Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) and joining with several military families in interesting conversations.

We were again treated to a display of Mother Nature’s mastery of the warm desert wind as a couple of shad tents wound up on the losing end of a dust devil.  A good time as had by all and we look forward to the 10th Anniversary of the DM50 Picnic and Annual Casual Classics Car Show in 2018.